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Molecular Devices

Basic Multitask Kinetics Protocol for M-series

Protocol File Basic Multitask Kinetics M-series.spr     Download
Requires SoftMax Pro 7.0

Use this protocol to run a basic multitask kinetics assay that will alternate between reading absorbance (600 nm) and fluorescence (ex. 485 nm and em. 535 nm) once an hour for 24 hours. This protocol is useful for studying the expression of a fluorescently tagged protein in a growing cell population. 
Showcases Data Analysis
Read Mode Mixed
SoftMax Pro Version 7.0
Primary Instrument Used SpectraMax M5
Suitability Any

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Added By Crystal Canning, Ph.D. Added On 2016-07-25 23:57:18 UTC
Last Updated By Crystal Canning, Ph.D. Last Updated On 2016-07-25 23:57:18 UTC
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